Thirst for Adventure

Hello Adventurers! Thank you for joining Outdoor Transformations! Often times, I get asked the question why I changed careers!  At the age of 34, something was missing. I had a thirst for adventure!

I truly believe my adventurous spirit started at an early age!  My love for the outdoors started in a canoe.  Both my parents were educators… both, professionally and personally.  My father was an outdoor educator who loved to share his passion for exploration and the environment with others and my mother was a teacher who wanted to make a difference in the lives of children.  Along with my fabulous sister, I was a “wild child.” I was constantly wandering and finding new adventures. But, it started with my mother and father taking us on many outdoor adventures throughout the Adirondacks and Finger Lakes region in New York… our mode of transportation… the canoe (nick-named, scrambled eggs).  My sister and I learned a lot about life in that canoe! 

Turning passion into a career

Throughout my career, something was missing. I decided to change careers at the age of 34 and started my journey in the outdoor recreation industry.

Growing up with that experience and the combined passion of my parents for providing excellence in education, both in the classroom and in the out-of-doors, my parents helped form and create my love for learning from our own basic classroom – the out-of-doors. This is where my passion and love for outdoor and experiential education truly came from.  Both my mother and father taught me at an early age how to turn passion into a career.  Through this passion, Paddle-N-More, FLX Adventure Camp and Outdoor Transformations were born.

For 10 years, I have been a business owner and an educator in the field.  As a professional, one of my goals is to provide opportunities for others to add adventure to their lives.  Through Outdoor Transformations, my motivation is to share and teach women how to use adventure as a platform to achieve greatness!  When I think of Outdoor Transformations, I think of my personal experience and transformation. Early on in graduate school is when I first witnessed the power of experiential and adventure education. I experienced great transformation and I watched others transform in front of me… the tool – Adventure! I have witness great transformation with individuals I have worked with throughout my 10 years as an educator in the professional outdoor world. Seeing over and over again how the people I touched transformed made me realize, I need to create more programs through Outdoor Transformations.

Adventure programs and retreats are a wonderful tool to inspire others! There is a lot of science behind why adventurous programs work!  The first step is getting women out of their comfort zones.  Early on in my adventurous career, I noticed other women approaching me to develop programs, to develop experiences, to help add adventure to their own lives.

The thirst for adventure is alive in many women. And, through Outdoor Transformations, I want to help quench that thirst.

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